The story

Anders Norman

June 12, 2020 he released his 6th album "Small Town Star", in the country/rock genre. Got listeners in over 45 countries (just on Spotify).

IN  2008  "It's Time" was released. Produced by Tony Carey.

In 2010 the follow-up album "Easy Street" was released. Also produced by Tony Carey.

In 2012, The 3rd album "Just Another Mile" was released. Produced by Marcus Liliequist and mastered in Nashville by Richard Dodd.

In 2014 a compilation "Fragile" was released (only on CD), with some new tracks and alternate versions.

In 2016 an EP "Kärleksstigen" came out.

Tony Carey released a DVD, which Anders Norman played on, from Sweden Rock Festival.

In 2017 another EP "Anders Norman LIVE" was released.

2018 was the year for the album "Lifelines" to come out digitally and on CD. Produced by Andreas Ericsson. 

2020: Covid-19 cancelled all gigs so Anders decided to release the live-album"Small Town Star". And "Lifelines" comes on vinyl.

Photo by: N. Mansson

Meet the band

Carl Wictorin - electric guitar

Joined the band in 2017. Plays on the "Small Town Star" album. Check out the solo on "That's a shame".

Tobias Thorvaldsson - keys

Joined the band in 2017. Plays on the "Small Town Star"album. Check out the solo on "The words you never say".

Oliver Moe - bass

Joined the band in 2017. Plays on the "Small Town Star" album with such feeling and perfection.

Dennis Svensson - drums

Joined the band in 2018. 

Replaced previous drummer Mats Elofsson.

Andreas Ericsson - el.guitar

Joined the band in 2012. 

Produced the Lifelines album and co-wrote some of the tracks.

Also mixed the "Small Town Star" album.

Also in the band:

Martin Jönebäck - keys

Johan Engström - el. guitar.

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